Save Big on Your Utility Bills in Western Michigan

Switch to a home automation system

It's hard to be energy-conscious when you own a large home in the Augusta & Grand Rapids, MI areas. How can you be sure you've switched off lights you're not using? Why not automate your lights and shades to make your energy-saving efforts effortless?

Radix Technologies will install a home automation system that will save you money and hassle. Call 734-664-2560 today to discuss your automated lighting or shade options.

We take the frustration out of home automation

The systems Radix Technologies installs are known for their...


  • Simplicity-you can ditch the dozens of remotes in your drawer when you install a streamlined home automation system.
  • Convenience-control your automated lighting or shades from your phone.
  • Quality-customers in Augusta, MI and surrounding areas including Gull Lake, MI have saved big on their utility bills.

Contact us today to discuss what kinds of home automation products are right for you.


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